The school crest has four components. The importance of being part of the local community – its history and development – is reflected by the acorns and oak leaves – symbols of our town. The name Edenderry derives from the Irish – Éadan Doire – ‘Brow or hill-top of the Oaks’, referring to a large plantation of oak trees which existed on Blundell Hill overlooking the town.

The symbols of traditional games and music are used to symbolise the School’s commitment to nurturing a holistic education, where physical activities and the arts are encouraged and valued as important lifelong learning and recreational skills.

The cap and scroll comment on our belief that all children have the ability to achieve academically. We strive to ensure each child reaches their individual potential. All progress is acknowledged and celebrated on a daily basis. It is important to remember effort is expended in trying not in succeeding.

Finally, St. Brigid’s Cross is used to denote our patron saint – St. Brigid, who related easily to young people and encouraged them to live Christian lives.