School Transport 2016/2017 School Year

1. Who is eligible?
Children who reside at least 3.2 kilometres from and attending their nearest school are eligible for primary school transport.

2. How do I apply?
Online to Bus Éireann at

3. When do I apply?
Applications should be submitted before the last Friday in April. Late applicants are not guaranteed a seat.

4. What is the charge?
The current annual charge is €100 per child with a family maximum at primary level of €220

5. Can I spread the payment over the school year?
Payments may be made in two instalments in July and December.

6. Are some children exempt from paying?
Yes. Only eligible children i.e. children residing at least 3.2 kilometres from and attending their nearest school, who hold valid Medical cards (GMS Scheme), do not pay. All other children must pay.

7. Where can I get more details on the scheme?
Full terms of the Primary School Transport Scheme are available at and

8. Where can I get further information?
From your local Bus Éireann School Transport office – contact details overleaf.

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Primary School Transport 2016/2017